As-She Sings

Singer and initiator of the project As she sings Lucette van den Berg assumes the Yiddish party. Lucette is one of the leading voices of the new generation of Yiddish singers. She has performed in theaters, concert halls and festivals in Europe and North America. As she sings is one of the special music projects Lucette develops during LF2018.

Inez Timmer

Singer Inez Timmer represents the Frisian culture during As She sings. As the frontwoman of the famous Frisian folk group Irolt and international musical star she knows how to build bridges between cultures like no other. Her latest theater productions are inspired by ‘strong women’, the intercultural music project As She sings fits seamlessly with that.

The artists from the Bulgarian and Roma culture will be announced in the course of the year 2018.

Welcoming work labs

Work labs are organized prior to the premiere. Audiences and students are invited to come and look at the progress. How does such a multicultural music production come about? An intimate look behind the scenes to get to know the different artists, different cultures, music styles and languages ​​they represent.