As she sings

Far away in a faroff land lives a child who loves to sing.

She opens up her fragile heart, and her songs, it takes wing.

She sings, she sings

Four women, four cultures, one story, one stage. In this unique music project, Yiddish Waves collaborates with the Explore the North festival (November 2018) and the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, which is Cultural Capital in 2019. With top artists who have their roots in Yiddish, Frisian, Bulgarian and Roma culture, the concert promises to be a musical and cultural journey that has never been shown before.

Lucette van den Berg

Zangeres en initiatiefnemer van het project ‘As she sings’ Lucette van den Berg neemt de Jiddische partij voor haar rekening.
Lucette is een van de toonaangevende stemmen van de nieuwe generatie Jiddische zangeressen. Zij vindt het belangrijk verbinding te zoeken met andere culturen. Ze is ini-tiatiefneemster van het project Karavanserai, waarbij Joodse en Arabische muzikanten elkaar muzikaal opzoeken. Daarnaast zong ze als vertegenwoordiger van de Jiddische cultuur tijdens de opening van LF2018.
Lucette heeft opgetreden in theaters, concertzalen en festivals door heel Europa en Noord-Amerika.

Inez Timmer

Zangeres Inez Timmer vertegenwoordigt de Friese cultuur tijdens As she sings.
Als frontvrouw van de beroemde Friese folkgroep Irolt en internationale musicalster weet zij als geen ander bruggen te slaan tussen culturen. Haar laatste theaterproducties zijn geïnspireerd op ‘sterke vrouwen’, het interculturele muziekproject As she sings sluit daar naadloos op aan.

Ginka Czer

She was born in Plovdiv in 1957. She loves to sing from her childhood and her great dream was to become a singer. She has participated in many competitions for young talents and has won them. She has been singing in choirs, but she also has a lot of solo performances with pop and folk songs.

She comes from a musicians family. Her father was among the famous kaval plears and bagpipers in the Rhodopi region.

In later years, she is singing only Roma and Bulgarian traditional music and that became her profession. And her childhood dream comes true.

She has a solo album, recordings in national radio and television. Tours all over Europe – Denmark, Austria, Greece and others. Since 1985 she is a frontwoman of the “Brestovitsa” Roma Orchestra and their mission is to glorify the Roma and Bulgarian culture and song.

Maria Pesheva

I was born in Plovdiv in 1961. I have spent most of my time in children’s music schools, school choir and vocal groups, because the music is my great love. After my graduation of the Secondary Music School during 1980, I was invited in the academic choir of the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv. I made my first recordings in Radio Plovdiv in 1983 with the accompaniment of the National Orchestra of the Music Academy.

I started receiving invitations from famous orchestras, with whom I have worked for many years and have traveled almost all towns and villages in Bulgaria. I have visited Switzerland, Moldova, Greece, Germany and others. The magic of the folklore song and the Bulgarian tradition conquered me and I dedicated myself to its dissemination.